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A simple and effective system designed to prevent people, tools, materials from falling into the opening of UNCOVERED manhole.
The use is practical and intuitive, the equipment consists of a light but sturdy cross folding frame in Stainless Steel with 4 arms that is placed on the manholes opening, no matter if square or round shaped, the 4 sliding studs will be adjusted on top of the apertures in the correct position to prevent side movements, then above the cross is placed a self-centring and folding metal grille that prevents falls but allows passage of air and light, the grille can also be moved in a convenient position if there is a ladder. In the event of sudden emergency escape of the operator from inside the manhole all group can be quickly removed with a light push up. AC90 improves safety and it is a must in today modern equipped crews as integration to the prescribed isolation barriers and road works warning signs.

Easy and simple positioning.
Sliding and adjustable struts at the tip of the arms to keep the cross in the correct position.
Self centering and folding metal grate.
Can hold up to Kg 200 without deformation.
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