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Special plastic soundproofing shims designed with a particular non-symmetrical configuration and a thin wedged shaped surface- studied to stop the movement of the lid and avoid the noise from flapping (code K0366).
Age, wear, bad support and the great impact force of the wheels cause this problem that was solved by inserting between the cover and frame pieces of rubber or segments of old tires inner tubes etc. The shims are not simple “nooks of plastic“ but are manufactured in a polyurethane of high quality with particular non-symmetrical configuration and a wedge-shaped plan designed to stop the excursion in every direction. The shims are the modern solution to eliminate the flicker, and completely avoid the noise, the cover “floats” resting on the plastic shims and ensuring the best function and respect for the environment.

Shims positioning between cover and frame.
Complete set of special glue, cutter, spatula and brush for surface cleaning (Sold separately)
The shape of the shims ensures versatile use, suitable for manhole covers of many type. The shims avoids any banging noise of manholes of any shape and size.
Shims installation.

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