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Extendable and tilting upper handle. Lightened and simplified version of the APS90. Ideal for opening manhole covers that have lifting problems, in difficult operations and opening of heavy manhole covers with minimum effort and maximum safety
The upper long arm is telescopic to allow bending in minimal space and an easy transportation on small vehicles, the connection that forms a closed triangle with the two arms is a robust, light pliable belt. Beside the maximum lifting capacity the other functions are the same as the APS90. The lifting action is done by pushing down so the operator back bone is relaxed and not subject to dangerous compression guaranteeing safety and function. APS80 is a clever tool that allows the employer to fulfil and reduce risks of accidents deriving from the manual movements of loads as prescribed by ISO 11228 -1 - 2 - 3, Ergonomics - Applicatìon document for ISO standards on manual handling. Thanks to the light weight and compactness can also be used by female personnel and transported occupying minimal space.

Use 1: opening with magnetic CL9 - CL10 - CL11.
Use 2: combination APS80 and Permanent magnet PM400 or PM500.
Use 3: combination APS80 with mechanical clamp and hooks set
Foldable, extremely compact and light weight, easily transportable.
Accessories for APS90 and APS80

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