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Versatile wheeled folding lever, designed for use with DOA cover lifters and their accessories in demanding operations and opening of heavy manhole covers with minimum effort and maximum safety.
The lever guarantees fast, easy and safe operations in lifting, moving and repositioning manhole covers of underground networks of water, sewage, gas, telecommunications etc. The tool is “operator friendly” as these operations can be done in total safety pushing down and not lifting, so the spine is relaxed and not compressed, this eliminates possible accidents to the back. APS90 is a clever accessory that allows the employer to fulfil and reduce risks of accidents deriving from the manual movements of loads as prescribed by ISO 11228-1 - 2 - 3, Ergonomics - Applicatìon document for ISO standards on manual handling. Thanks to its light weight, robustness and compactness APS90 can be handled and operated also by female personnel and transported occupying minimal space on board vehicles.

Use 1: magnetic opening with single CL10 or CL1.
Use 2: opening with two CL10 in parallel joined with connecting “bridge” on heavy lid.
Use 3: mechanical opening with locking clamps.
Use 4: magnetic opening with magnet permanent (PM400 or PM500) for very heavy manhole cover.
Use 5: mechanical opening with BT9 ITALIFTERS bar.
Accessories for APS90 and APS80

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