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Ultra light magnetic manhole covers opener for operations on medium light lids, equipped with a “ T “ handle that can be use as a mechanical lever in case of absence of magnetic adhesion. The compact size of the LB5 allows easy transport and storage of the equipment.
The tool bar has a double function of handle and pointed chisel to be used as chipping hammer to break incrustations that always clog the slots, or as a hook to engage the slots and manually lift covers. Simple and fast use, it is enough to place the lifter above covers and its magnetic force of 70 Kg (in ideal conditions) will allow to lift also heavy covers. The handle and the hammer are in galvanized steel. The magnetic plate is foldable to allow easy storage.

Lifting capacity up to Kg. 70.
Folding base to facilitate the use and storage of the tool.
The T-handle can be used as a lifting hook.

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