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Ideal for opening and repositioning manhole covers and grids of medium / small weight. The double flat beak with it’s hardened steel tip can be inserted in the contact slots, resistant and strong tool.
Robust, light ad versatile lever with beaks ideal in the operations of lifting small and light weight covers and grilles, the flat double beaks with tip in hard tempered steel can be inserted into the contact slot between covers and frame and resist to strong leverages, torsions and hammering, the beaks are configured also to scrape and clean the lifting cavity of covers from asphalt crusts and dirt.
LB7 is manufactured with the best materials and treatments and it is life guaranteed!

The beaks can also be used in the operations of scraping the frame of the lid.
The “D” shapped handle provides a fulcrum point to facilitate the lifting operation.
Due to its characteristics and function, it is the ideal alternative to using the classic pickaxe like in the past.
Built in tempered 38NCD4 steel with galvanized anti rust finish which makes the LB7 a resistant and robust tool.
The plastic handles guarantee excellent grip even with safety gloves.

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