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LB8 is a sturdy lever / handle that is fixed to the manhole through adjustable external struts and a central tie rod with rotating and sliding hook that are engaged in the lid slot.
The tool allows the employer to fulfil and reduce risks of accidents deriving from the manual movements of loads as prescribed by: ISO 11228-1-2-3 Ergonomics - Applicatìon document for ISO standards on manual load handling. LB8 is really versatile as it can be used in different ways, the lifting operations are simple and intuitive. The tool is in substance a robust lever/handle that has on the lower part two adjustable side studs (A) and a central threaded puller rod (B) that can move in a slot with a hooked end, the hook must be inserted in the cover apertures then rotated to block the cover and forming a solid firm unit with the tool to allow lifting. LB8 is life guaranteed, is fabricated with the best materials to assure robustness and a long lasting problems free use..

Adjustable side strut to ensure support for any surface.
Central tie rod with rotating and sliding hook. In central picture visible female coupling.
Very robust, resistant to rust and over usage.

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